Cloaking tool for WordPress

Cloaking tool for WordPress


Cloak Affiliate Links


We use this great tool to manage our outgoing affiliate links: A few advantages of using ThirstyAffiliates:

  1. Easily Manage Affiliate Links
  2. Link Cloaking
  3. Help Users Recognize What They’re Clicking On

ThirstyAffiliates was developed with WordPress bloggers in mind. However, it’s the ideal choice for any affiliate marketers utilizing WordPress to handle their ( cloaked ) affiliate links.

It’s worth to check out the ThirstyAffiliates Blog, some very interesting articles 🙂

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Visual Visitor

Visual Visitor

sales tool


Who is visiting your website?  What are they looking for?  Where are they coming from? These are not just high level questions… They are the questions that as a affiliate would like to answer.

Visual Visitor is a powerful anonymous website visitor tracking  and lead generation tool can actually tell you which businesses are visiting, how often they visit, how long they view your pages, and more! We tell you what they are looking for and where they are coming from!


Nifty stats

Nifty stats

The one and only stats tool for mainstream and adult affiliates: NiftyStats 

You need it; period.

Nifty Stats is a desktop utility, which automatically in regular intervals downloads the stats from your affiliate programs, affiliates networks, advertising networks. Nifty Stats brings automated statistics right to your desktop for any time frame pre-defined by you – and it shows these stats in real time and on regular basis. It is 100% safe and entire communication runs just between your computer and the server of your affiliate program.